Tuesday, December 4, 2018


This month has been full of Winter activities! Second Grade has been kept busy preparing for our Winter Holidays, Looking back on holiday traditions, and helping out our school community! 

What makes your holiday season warm? We added lots of marshmellows to our hot cocoa, on what makes our seasons warmest! 

 Our Holiday Traditions Board! Soon to have lots of ornaments full of our holiday traditions! 

Our Math Bulletin Boards with our Addition and Subtraction Penguins! We connected Math and Science in this fun activity- looking at the Life Cycle of the Penguin while still solving math problems! 

Helping Kindergarten Prepare for their Publishing Party! We shared lots of tools from our second grade tool kit! 

From our Author's Visit! 

Thursday, November 8, 2018


Welcoming November 

So far, Second grade has been working hard on their Narrative writing, learning how to draw arrays, form equations, and even learn all about our Veterans! 



                                                   Placing ourselves in a Turkeys shoes! 


        Learning all about Arrays in Math!

Why do we celebrate Veterans Day? Just ask these second graders, they will tell you all about it! 


We have been very busy these last few weeks! We have been Celebrating birthdays, Halloween, and continuing our daily studies! Here are a few pictures of these last few weeks! 

Our Batty Goodie Bags 

After we walked 1 mile at the Halloween Walkathon!

                                    Students of the Month of October! Keep up all the great work!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018



Welcome Fall! Second Grade has been channeling our Fall Spirit by creating these Fall inspired works!


Here is our beautiful Pumpkin Patch! In this writing piece, we spoke about 'If we had a Pumpkin it would be...' using the unit of Sequencing to help us talk about our pumpkin stories! The students were required to use transitional words First, Next, Then, and Last to describe what happened step by step
in their stories.

How would you decorate your very own pumpkin? 
-Students were able to use transitional words once more, and use descriptive language to assist in their many points.

Math Addition and Subtraction Fun! 
- Students had to solve the math problems and color in each piece of the picture according to the key!

Fall Acrostic Poetry: 
Second Grade welcomed the Season of Fall by creating Acrostic Poetry using the word 'FALL'


September certainly has been filled with tons of learning fun! 
In one month, Second Grade has published their own Personal Narratives, and even paid a close eye on the key details in the text that support the Main Ideas in a story!

Personal Narratives: 

Each student took one small moment in their lives and practiced making it bigger and bigger! 

Key Details and Main Idea: 

Second Grade has also paid a close eye on key details in a story, and how they support the main idea! 

Finally, a HUGE Congratulations to our Second Grade Student of the Month! 
Keep on Shining! 

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Scholastic Book Club

This year we will also be taking part in Scholastic Book Clubs! Every month a new Book Order form will go out- please kindly review it and submit your order forms before the due date!

Here is the link to our Scholastic Book Club Page:

The September due date is 9/24. Thank you for participating and helping to build our classroom library!

Welcome Back!

Dear Second Grade Parents and Students,

Welcome back to school! I am thrilled to be an addition to the Visitation Academy family. I have worked hard to make our classroom a welcoming, comfortable, and functional learning environment, and I am glad to share it with such a dynamic group of girls. We have an exciting year ahead of us curriculum-wise, and Communion year is upon us! 

**Just as a reminder Gym class will be on TUESDAYS this year. Please wear the appropriate Gym Class attire.**

I look forward to working with all of you this year!

Here are some photos of our beautiful classroom and front bulletin board!

Looking forward to the exciting year ahead!